Work at Home Mom
Work from home has been the norm nowadays and mainly, this has been the most preferred work setting especially for mothers like me.   I am a mother of one – a super active (thank God!) two-year old son, and one of the benefits I get to working from home is being able to look after my baby love.

I’ve been working from home as SEO Specialist in Cebu City for 5 years now and aside from spending more time with my family especially my son, other advantages that I get to enjoy are:

SEO Specialist in Canada
Being a SEO specialist is not just about focusing on becoming a product/website popular but also being knowledgeable about the entirety of internet - that's having the ability to find all the information you need effectively and easily.

Lately I've been so busy with my application to Canada that I even forgot that I haven't done anything on this website for the last couple of months.  I do weekly Search Engine (SEs) checkup though; thankfully I am still on Google's first page, however I am no longer listed in Bing.  Really? :(  Sigh, now I should work on my rankings double time.

SEO Specialist
I haven’t forgotten about this blog but I always find no time to post due to some incidents that I cannot put off.  April has been a crazy month for me.  It is my birth month; I will be celebrating my birthday two days from now.  These past few weeks have been so hard and challenging for us but I am still and will always be grateful to God for everything, for giving me another year to do good things to people and to take care of my family.

My two-year old son was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia.  It was his second time being admitted with that medical condition; the last time was September 2013.  It’s only been 7 months after the first admission and he again got that illness.  My husband and I are so worried of him; if only we could just take the virus out from him and we’ll just be the ones who will suffer and not him, if only.  We stayed in the hospital for a week.  I am thankful to our families; they’ve been very supportive and they love our son so much.  Thanks to our dear parents for everything, for the financial support (Pepop, Memom, Tatay and Nanay); to our cousins, aunties and uncles and everyone who are in one way or another extended their well wishes and prayers for my son, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Aside from my son’s health condition that got us so worried this month, we also got an additional list of requirements from Canadian Embassy in Manila.  They requested us for Medical Exam and a Police Certificate from Abu Dhabi since I worked there for more than 6 months.  We have to work on these ASAP as they are only allowing us to complete and submit the documents before the first week of June 2014.  We have to make an appointment to the doctor and I have to contact my friends in UAE to help me secure a police certificate in Abu Dhabi.  These are the things that got me so busy.

These are the major reasons why I have been so silent for this month; however I tried my best to create even a single post for this month so not to miss my birth month – April in the Archive; so this is it.
PicturePhoto by Google
#GoogleSearch recently announced their new feature of showing search results.  With this new feature, finding a place to dine out or have a lunch with friends or family and making sure that the menu suits everyone in the group without having to go through the hassle of checking each restaurant’s website in the search results has never been this easy.  Just type in the restaurant name in Google and it will show you the menu for the restaurant you are considering and you can see it right on the top of your search page – complete with tabs for different parts of menu like appetizers, brunch or dinner and, of course, prices – before you make your reservation.

However, this feature is available in United States only for now.  Wish it would be available in my country very soon.  This simply is very helpful.

Google has always been consistent in helping and understanding the needs of the people.  Compared to other search engines, they excel because they have researched well enough and they understand the demands of the people. 

Yeah, I know, when it comes to contests, I am just a hell of a contestant, always! \m/  But at least I tried though. :)  Anyway, congratulations to Yan Birog ( on his entry #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 – A gift of reading for winning an IPad Air and to Jinky Sagum for winning an IPad 2.  I sooo envy you guys! :S
There are also 15 other blog entries (still not included in this list :( lol) who won a Globe Tattoo Stick + Prepaid Cards.  Check them out in the image below, you might see your name in the list.

...the people in the photo are all relaxed and glowing with big smiles.  And of course, you cannot see photo like this where big stars like Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep squeezed together to fit in the camera view.
Selfie Ellen DeGeneres
Photo via @TheEllenShow
This selfie (although it is supposed to be called a groupie) taken at the Oscars Awards on March 3, 2014 has set a new world record.  Ellen DeGeneres, hosted the event and managed to take an all-star selfie that beats US President Barack Obama’s record for the most retweeted photo on Twitter.

Not only did DeGeneres set a new record for the most retweeted tweet ever, she is also the very first Twitter user to reach 1,300,000 retweets for a Twitter post in an hour; and currently, her Twitter post reached 3,304,653!!!  That is just so huge!

Selfies by the way are the pictures taken by you using your Smartphone with the purpose of showing them to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some others.  It is called ‘selfie’ because you do not need a photographer or other person; it is just you and your phone.

It has become a trend nowadays and I think, majority of us have already taken a few of our own selfies and have showed them to social networking world.

Matt Cutts is the star of an SEO game, Donkey Cutts that was recently developed by  If you want to improve your skills in SEO, try this game; it’s instructive, nice and fun! :)

I tried the game myself and it's really cool!  Same as most of the ladder games we know, the goal of the game is to reach the top of the ladder, however in this one you need to collect social media icons, links, shares and quality content to make your score higher and eventually, reach the target.  Much like in real life, you have to have knowledge on SEO to score higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Your points decrease if you are hit by a panda or penguin or you're doing the black hat techniques.  Thus, you have to fight against these crooks to get the desired SERP score you wanted.
Here's what Steve Barnes from said about developing Donkey Cutts:

“Running a website these days sometimes feels like a bit of a game which is full of different challenges – a bit like our game Donkey Cutts.”

“You have to try and combat baddies like negative SEO and black hats and you have to create great content and collect white hat links as your reward. All this whilst doing your best to avoid the next penguin and panda that’s coming your way. Sounds familiar?

“We decided to turn all this into a retro game making Google’s Matt Cutts the star of the show. The response from the gaming and SEO world has been incredible.”

This game is not just for SEO Specialists like me but this could also be helpful to those who like to learn SEO for the first time.  If you want to try this amazing SEO game, you can check it here; the game is free by the way.  Learn and enjoy! :)

By the way, thanks!
Just recently, Google issued a new manual penalty, targeting rich snippets that are thought to be fake and spam-like.  Some website owners may already have notified with this warning error.
The goal of this update is to target websites that use spammy rich snippets and that practice the black-hat method.

You might be questioning, how can I make sure that my website is not affected with this latest Google update?

Well, to see if your rich snippets are properly setup, here's a great guide from SEO Powersuite team.  They have compiled a great actionable checklist to make sure your website is secure.
I always hear this #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 blogger contest’s type of question in beauty contests.  I have not experienced joining in a beauty pageant though but answering the question "If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?" seems like I have joined in for the first time!  :D When I was a kid, I remember, I used to dream of becoming a beauty queen.  But somehow, that little dream of mine fades away when I grow older and when I realized that I don’t have the qualities of becoming one.  LOL.  I am not gifted with a face, with a perfect body and most importantly, with a perfect height. :D  Nevertheless, I am happy with what God has given me.  He doesn't want me to become a beauty queen instead He has made me a loving and responsible mother and wife, a good daughter and a successful SEO Specialist.  I am just happy with what and how I have become. :)

Anyway, going back to the question “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”, my answer would be a gift of CHANGE (in a positive way).  My family and I will be praying for this gift, for our country and for the Filipino people (and even for all the people in the world).